Social Bookmarking Websites Lists – 2023-24

Social Bookmarking Websites

Everyone in the SEO industry understands the importance of link development when it comes to ranking your website in Google and other search engines. I’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of using free bookmarking sites in the SEO link-building process & will be sharing Social Bookmarking Websites Lists.

Today, high-PR social bookmarking sites play a significant role in SEO. We may use social bookmarking to present our website and blog to a variety of relevant categories, resulting in good backlinks and some visitors.

Yes, a small amount of traffic if you don’t know how to bookmark properly. In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to bookmark properly.

What are Social Bookmarking Websites, and how do you use them?

Social bookmarking is a technique for obtaining high-quality backlinks, a large amount of traffic, as well as branding, promotion, and indexing benefits. If you work in SEO or digital marketing, you should be aware of this. It is a types of OFF-Page SEO.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Websites?

1- Bookmarking is the quickest way for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index your website or blog post.

2-The PR of the top bookmarking sites is high. 

3- You will receive high-quality backlinks if you have their support.

4- Submission to the most popular social bookmarking networks will help you get more relevant visitors.

5-Your blog content can go viral if you upload it to high-PR bookmarking sites.

6-Your domain authority will rise as a result.

7-The bounce rate will be reduced.

8-It will aid in the classification of blogs.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

There are very easy steps to do Social Bookmarking. These steps are stated below-

1-Just register yourself on the Social Bookmarking Website.

2-Click on Submit Url or Submit Site or Submit. Generally, every website has a button stating ” submit URL” or you may also see a Plus icon.

3- After you click on Submit, the form will open. You have to fill in the details. Details like your URL, Title, Description, Keywords, Category, and captcha.

4- After filling in these details, just click on submit & boom. Your social bookmarking has been done.

Here I am sharing with you High PR, DA & PA bookmarking websites which I have also used and their interface is so easy. Cheers !!

( These are a sample of just 100 sites, if you want more sites you can buy the lists) Whatsapp Now

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